Disaster Kit

Disaster Kits Available Soon!

We have created a disaster kit to help prepare your home and family. We hope to have it available soon, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, and us working clinically, it might be a bit delayed. If you have a particular need or want to make a special order, contact us (DocOsner@gmail.com).

For now, check out our Education tab and the Blog for helpful info.

Interested in a kit?

Email us at DocOsner@gmail.com

Kit will include:

  • Solar USB phone charger, high capacity battery

  • Solar/hand crank battery-powered FM/AM/Weather radio

  • Multi-plug USB charger

  • High-quality water purifier filter

  • First-aid kit (57 items with instructions)

  • Multi-tool (knife, pliers, can/bottle opener, etc.)

  • Emergency drinking water (8 packs)

  • Thermal blankets & hand warmers (4 of each)

  • Multiple light sources (head lamp, USB light, flashlight, glowsticks, battery charger lamp)

  • Duct tape & plastic sheeting (to fix leaks/broken windows)

  • Pill case (for backup meds)

  • Work gloves, safety glasses, & whistle

  • Trauma shears

  • Gas shut-off tool

  • Toilet paper (because we lived through "the great toilet paper shortage" of 2020)

  • Instructions and information on home disaster preparedness

  • Plus a few other items we're working on

More photos available soon!